How to decrypt password protected PDF document

It is advisable to encrypt PDF file to protect sensitive information. You can restrict an unauthorized person from reading or modifying the file by this way. But sometimes you may forget the password you set before. How to deal with it? What if you are urgent to access the PDF? No need to worry as there are solutions to decrypt PDFs. This article presents two ways to decrypt password protected PDF.

How to remove PDF owner password with Ahead PDF Password Remover.

Ahead PDF Password Remover is a simple-to-configure piece of software. This small Windows application helps you remove owner password along with restrictions imposed on PDF. It also allows you to remove user password on condition that you enter the open passcode first. The batch decryption feature enables you to import multiple PDFs and unlock them at a time. You can input a PDF by file browser only since the drag-n-drop method is not supported. Not much to talk about the user interface as all options are kept as intuitive as possible. You can check name, size, total pages and status of each source file added to the task list. Working with this utility is a piece of cake. Just import the files to a plain window and start decryption. You will not cross path with errors, crash, freeze throughout the entire description process. Give it a try, you will know how quickly it carries out a task.

1. Click on Add File to add PDF to be decrypted.

2. Specify output folder and press the Start button.

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How to recover PDF user password with PDF Password Recover.

PDF Password Recover is a powerful PDF password recovery tool. You can extract the correct passwords by utilizing its advanced settings. Batch processing is not supported so you only can process one file at a time. After files are added to the program, you can choose to recover user or owner password. The recovery options give you choices to specify initial password length, maximum password length or minimum password length. For charset options, you can include the type of characters password consists of provided that you still remember the details about the password. Please notify that configuring these parameters significantly speeds up the recovery job. Once the process is done, the password will be displayed in the program and a text file containing password will be generated in the same folder with the input file. As a whole, this is a straightforward tool that offers a simple solution to crack PDF password.

  1. Click on Add PDF file to add one PDF.
  2. Check the option User.
  3. Configure recovery and charset options.
  4. Hit the Start button.
  5. When decryption is done, check the password in the Recovered Password field.
free and powerful pdf password recovery tool recover pdf password and save to txt file

With the help of two tools stated above, rookies can decrypt PDFs on a fly. If you find some other good methods to unlock PDF files, please share in the comment section.

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